About WBW

Whole Brew World was created to encompass my vision of providing the best local beer tours and also yearly beer trips to breweries around the globe. I started this company with the goal of melding my passion for craft beer with my years of experience in hospitality.  My dream is to share all of the amazing microbreweries our Bay Area has to offer. I'm a Bay Area native and want to support our local economy and business owners.
As a Certified Cicerone Beer Server with over 25 years in the hospitality industry, it thrills me to deliver the perfect day to my guests as we cruise through Bay Area neighborhoods and sample amazing beers.  I love the craft beer community and most of all meeting wonderful people from all walks of life. My intention is to make my guests feel right at home and to create authentic experiences for all of those who join me.  
Hop on board with me and I will share with you my beer knowledge and my favorite Bay Area sites and beer history.  I will take care of you and make sure you have a great time! 
It's a brave beer world and I'm a brave beer girl.  
Jean Calixto 
Owner and Beer Enthusiast

Whole Brew World Policies


Please read the attached documents explaining the Cancellation Policies and the Terms and Conditions prior to making a booking and participating in a tour or an event.

In addition all guest must sign the waiver prior to boarding.


Please email any questions to wholebrewworld@gmail.com.