Five Favorite Beer Cocktails for St. Patrick's Day

Yes I love to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with lots of great beer. But sometimes beer alone gets me too full. So I like to sip on a cocktail that still uses my favorite Irish beer -- Guinness. Here is a list of my 5 favorites. Enjoy!

1. Guinness Bloody Mary

Start the day off with this delicious bloody mary made with 3 ounces of Guinness. It's actually pretty common. Most bars tried to keep their bloody mary recipes a secret. But pay attention and you will see Guinness used. It's fast so keep your eyes open.

(via A Beautiful Mess)

2. Black and Berry Beer

It doesn't get any easier than this or any more flavorful. Use any of Lindeman's fruity framboise in this cocktail. My favorite was with the Cassis (Black Current) Framboise. But you can use whatever fruit flavor you prefer. Float with some Guinness and cheers! Pour the Guinness correctly by pouring it slowly over the back of a spoon onto the side of the glass. This will give you the gorgeous layered effect.

(via Genius Kitchen)

3. Guinness Black Magic Cocktail

For this one, use a high quality bourbon and fresh blackberries with your Guinness draught to make this cocktail extra magical. I like to use my nicest rocks glass for this one. It's a sexy St. Paddy's Day drink for sure.

(via Super Golden Bakes)

4. Irish Manhattan

You will need to buy or make a small shamrock stencil and a small spray bottle for your bitters to really showcase this cocktail. It's the little extras people! I drink Manhattans like water so this is always a special one for me on St. Patrick's Day, or simply the entire month of March.

(via Bon Apetit)

5. Baby Guinness Irish Coffee Jell-O Shots

Why not? Oh just do it. You're welcome. And yes you have to share with your friends. Great for Uber rides to you favorite Irish pub. Just saying.

(via Feast+West)

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