Six Holiday Beer Cocktails

The holiday season and the winter spirit is here. So is this list of tasty holiday beer cocktails. Enjoy

1. Pub-Nog: Beer Eggnog

This classic holiday drink can also be made with beer. Yes! Beer. It is best to use a beer with a higher sugar content such as a barley-wine or a barrel aged, malty beer. I love it with a bourbon or whiskey barrel aged scotch ale, Belgian ale or even a stout. You will only need 5 ounces. The higher the ABV, the better.

(via Cooking with Beer)

2. Apple and Pumpkin Beer Cocktail

Bourbon, cider and ale balanced with a little citrus and spice make this cocktail perfect for a holiday party. Use your favorite apple cider and a really good pumpkin ale in this winter drink. Cinnamon sticks and cranberries are great garnishes to finish it off.

(via Cooking and Beer)

3. Black-beery Whiskey Smash

I'm a sucker for a whiskey and a beer. Then together with some muddled blackberries, lemon and fresh mint, this Black-beery Whiskey Smash is refreshing and subtly sweet. The topper of your favorite wheat beer adds a caramel complexity and some fizz.

(via Domesticate Me)

4. Stout Gingerbread Flip

This will be your sophisticated holiday cocktail. Use your favorite chocolate stout to make this drink dark and spicy and rich and sweet. The egg white makes it velvety. Keep in mind this luxurious drink uses liquors you may not normally stash in your bar, but it's worth it. The garnish of a sprinkling of fresh nutmeg and cinnamon, and some candied ginger makes this truly festive.

(via 10th Kitchen)

5. Tailgating Beer-tini

Holiday season means football! Surprise your buddies with this tailgating cocktail. All you need is pink lemonade, vodka and your favorite lager. Easy! Just don't over stir it or it will foam up.

(via Genius Kitchen)

6. Maple Lime Bourbon Beer Cocktail

My mom is from Massachusetts and I grew up loving maple candy. So anytime I see maple in anything, I want it. This cocktail satisfies the maple lover in me! Let's face it though, finding the Sierra Nevada Maple Scotch Ale is almost impossible for most people. So if you can't find it, use any of your favorite Scotch Ales and mix with either Crown Royal Maple Whiskey or add a little smokiness with Knob Creeks Smoked Maple Bourbon Whiskey. Lime balances it all out. Delicious. And dangerous.

(via Flora Foodie)

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