Beer Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Do you have a beer lover on your gift list? Here are some great gifts to give this season.

Enjoy craft beer delivered to your door. Give your beer lover access to the best local microbreweries in the Bay area. They will also be happy to discover new breweries and support local craft beer.

Treat your friend or family to an unforgettable beer adventure! Whole Brew World partners with many of the Bay Area's best microbreweries to provide a unique experience with casual, small group beer tours. On their tour they will expand their beer palate while tasting amazing new and limited release craft beers. Plus they will have an opportunity to meet brewers who will share their beer making process.

Making beer at home is easy with a complete ready to go homebrew starter kit! If you know someone who has always enjoyed trying different types of delicious craft beers, and you know they finally want to try their hand at making their own beer at home, then this is a great gift. Whether they know a bit about brewing or are just learning about the process, MoreBeer!’s complete beer brewing starter kits are ideal for every type of beginning brewer. You can order online and get free shipping!

  • An empty growler from their favorite Bay Area brewery

Craft beer lovers get addicted to collecting growlers. So whether this is their first growler or one of many, it will be appreciated. Growlers can range in price from $10 up to $50. They can be glass or stainless steel. It will depend on your budget and what the brewery offers. You don't necessarily need to get top of the line.

  • A case of a variety of craft beers from a local Bay Area beer bottle shop.

There are plenty of bottle shops in the Bay Area that specialize in craft beer. You can get build a case with a variety of styles. Try to incorporate some seasonal beers and maybe some brews that are little more $$$ to make the selection extra special. Here is a list of some awesome bottle shops in Bay Area.

The Good Hop Bar & Bottle Shop - Oakland

City Beer Store - San Francisco

Hop Grenade Taproom & Bottle Shop- Concord

Beer Revolution - Oakland

Øl Beercafe & Bottle Shop - Walnut Creek

Jane's Beer Store - Mountain View

San Francisco Beer Week celebrates the diversity and quality of craft beer in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. It’s a grassroots collection of over seven hundred events organized and hosted by over two hundred different breweries, restaurants, bars, and retail stores throughout the region. The SF Beer Week Opening Gala will kick off SF Beer Week with an epic gathering of Northern California brewers throwing down amazing brews at the biggest industry party of the year.

If you're not local to the San Francisco Bay Area, don't worry. Here are 5 solid gifts that will not disappoint. (click the images to buy)

1. Beer Flight Set

When you visit a tasting room at a brewery or go to a craft beer bar, a beer flight is the best way to sample beer. And today there are so many craft brews available in your local grocery store. A beer flight set if great for a beer lover who loves to share their newly tapped or bought beers with friends while entertaining at home. Most beer flight sets come with four 6 oz. sample glasses and a wooden carrying paddle.

Buy: Crate & Barrel 5-piece Numbered Beer Taster Sampler

2. Beer Glasses

We are all pretty familiar with the standard pint glass. But to the beer lover, the glassware provides a heightened drinking experience. When the beer style is paired with the correct beer glass, magic happens. As the beer hits the glass, its color, aroma and taste are tweaked and the nuances of the beer are brought forth. Try to find out from your beer enthusiast their favorite beer style before buying a set of glasses.

Buy: Libby Craft Brew Sampler Set

3. Beer Coasters

No one wants water-stained furniture. It's that simple. And yes you can grab those paper coasters from any bar. But a really nice set of drink coasters can be decorative and personalized. Check out a nice set of wooden coasters or a fun set of ceramic tile coasters with vintage beer label art.

Buy: Primitive Beer Coasters by Kathy Stone

4. Beer Growler

Real beer enthusiasts have beer growlers. Period. They most likely have a collection. But they can never have too many. Growlers serve as a vessel to take beer to go from a brewery or taproom and to keep the beer fresh. They are also fashionable and come in many different styles. You will find brown glass growlers to be the most affordable, but you also risk the beer being spoiled if left sitting in path of UV light. If you can afford a little more, get ceramic or stainless steel with a wide mouth and a sturdy handle.

Buy: uKeg 64 Pressurized Growler - Stainless Steel by GrowlerWerks

5. Mini Kegerator

Ok. This is the beer gift of all beer gifts. This is for the ultimate beer enthusiast a.k.a beer snob. It's ideal for anyone who loves cold refreshing beer and doesn’t want to worry about keeping it cold. Mini-Kegerators are made to keep it at a constant and optimal temperature for the perfect glass of draft beer. There are several brands on the market. It is recommended you do some research and compare before buying. But no matter which you choose, you will be given the title of best gift giver ever!

Buy: EdgeStar KC2000TWIN Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator & Draft Beer Dispenser

Now, if you have a few extra dollars be sure to add a couple bottles or cans of craft beer to be enjoyed with these great beer gifts.

To find more great gifts, visit the Shop at

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