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November 29, 2017

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February 18, 2018

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Thanksgiving Day - Cook with Beer Recipes and Beer Pairings

October 15, 2017


When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of spending the day with my beautiful family from near and far, catching up, playing games, laughing and of course eating.  And it's not just eating your everyday meals, I'm talking about rich, fatty, sweet, heavy foods.  Foods that you are allowed to indulge in specifically on this special holiday.  Diets are thrown out the window for 24 hours, but usually 48 (thanks to the many leftovers). And even though these filling foods leave me full and sleepy, I add delicious filling craft beers into the mix.  I love craft beers in the Fall.  Sweet and malty ales like Belgian Dubbel, Tripel or Quad, Brown Ale, Porter and Stouts.  So warm and comforting.  Oh and Pumpkin Ales.  So good.


I love cooking with beer, especially when I am using my own homebrews.  But if you don't homebrew, that is fine.  There are tons of amazing craft beers on the market that are easier to find nowadays.  And if you don't want to necessarily cook with beer, you can do some terrific thanksgiving dinner beer pairings.  If you live near any microbreweries and own a growler, I recommend seeing what they are offering for the Fall season before heading to the grocery store. 


Pairing food and beer is fun and very satisfying.  You are bringing new life to your dishes as well as your favorite craft beers.  I am thrilled to bring you some wonderful recipes that use malt forward ales as well as some great thanksgiving dinner pairings for Belgian Dubbel, Brown Ale and Belgian Golden Strong Ale.