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February 18, 2018

November 29, 2017

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February 18, 2018

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August 2, 2016


I love good surprises.  You know when you're reading a good book but then there there's that twist you didn't expect.  And now it's a great book.





Side Note

So I'm driving down San Pablo Road in Oakland and am stopped at a red light.  I see one of those sandwich style chalkboards on the center island and it reads "Brewery Open".  I've driven by here a gazillion times and there is no brewery.  What brewery?  I look to the left and to my shock and awe, there it is.  Novel Brewing.  Of course I made a u-turn and made my way inside.



The Set Up

It turns out Novel had only been open for a week.  It smelled brand new.  That good clean, we are now open for business brand new smell.  I took in the sights.  Was I in a brewery or a library?  I see the huge tanks, the walk-in cooler, the taps, the guys at the bar and of course someone's cute four legged furry friend.  But I can't get over the walls lined with all the beautiful books. I pulled up a seat at a table made from pieces of an old printing press.  I was quickly falling in love and thinking of all the friends I will inevitably bring here.




I reviewed their beer menu and couldn't pick just one so I got their Book Taster which is a flight of four beers.  I picked the Upshot (IPA), Easy Reader (Bitter), Yabba Dabba (Dubbel), and Idiom (Stout).  The beers are well done.  Full rich aromas and flavors. I could review them all day, but what I truly loved was the presentation.  Teresa, one of the owners and wife of the brewer, brought over the Book Taster and it arrives with a book that has holes drilled in it to hold your tasters. So cool.  I wanted to know more about this brewery and the people behind it.  And I thought you might too.