Cheers to New Beer-ginnings!

"Cheers and Happy New You!"

This was the toast I made to myself this 2016. I hoisted my beer to the heavens and drank to it. And it was good beer. Great beer. Craft beer.

Why to a "new you"? Because I made a bold move. A terrifying one. Only a decision I would make with the support of my family and friends and because I believe in myself. I changed my life. Started over. Decided to follow my dreams. Basically channeling the Oprah in me.

"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams." - Oprah

In September 2015,I decided my life of stability working a 9 to 5 with full medical and dental coverage and a consistent paycheck was no longer for me. I needed to do something else. This is a big decision when you live in the San Francisco Bay Area. The cost of living. Huh. The cost of not making a living. So I put on my thinking cap, evaluated my skills and what makes me happy. I dug deep. I will spare you from the details, but I came out on the other side with this...

Beer tours. BEER TOURS!

I know tourism and travel. Beer makes me happy! BEER TOURS! Duh.

Welcome to Whole Brew World!

I've spent over 25 years working in hospitality and tourism. I have worked in hotels, conference services, event management, destination management, travel agencies and concierge services. But last year I found myself feeling stuck. Feeling like I wasn't growing anymore. Honestly kind of bored and not challenged. I was always working for someone else's dream and not mine. So I decided I needed to do something for myself.

So here I am. It's a new year and a new adventure.

Growing up in San Francisco and the Bay Area I was influenced to love everything about food and beverages. I love to dine out, cook for myself, friends and family. I love to mix cocktails and learn about wines. I've always been a beer drinker but in the last couple years I dove into the craft beer scene head first (see what I did there?) and also began homebrewing. On my weekends my husband and I would go hang out at beer bars and local breweries.

When friends came into town or my friends here at home wanted to do something fun I found myself always taking people to Linden Street, Drake's Brewing, Faction Brewing and others. I would surprise myself with how much beer knowledge I had. So I thought why not be legit. I began studying to become a Cicerone (like a Sommelier but for beer). I've passed the first level and am studying for the next.

It just made sense. I wanted to spend my days sharing my love of craft beer with others. Why not start a business doing local brewery tours! But wait I also love to travel. I should do beer trips! So do both.

I delved into the world of entrepreneurship and deeper into the local craft beer scene. I have learned so much already on this new journey. And I have met and built some great friendships with people along the way.

I plan to share with you my challenges and triumphs as a new business owner, news about the craft beer industry, upcoming beer events, brewery profiles, and interviews with brewers and other professionals in the Bay Area beer industry.

I hope you learn a few things, discover new things, and simply enjoy. Cause I will. So let's do it together.

Cheers to you!



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