Will you be our next Beer Host?

Are you a brewer with a passion for Belgians? Perhaps you are a beer blogger who has dreams of a beercation in Alaska or Mexico, or a restaurateur who yearns for the experience to pair regional ales and cuisines in Germany.


Whole Brew World specializes in beer-themed group travel across the globe. And with every group of travelers comes an expert in their field: are you that person? You don’t need to be a travel expert (that’s our job!), but you do need to have a desire to see, explore and share with fellow travelers. And benefits for you -our host- abound!

Breweries and Brewmasters

You love what you do…and it shows! Your mug club members, friends and fans are excited to try your latest creations because they share your passion and believe in you. Whole Brew World takes that relationship and makes it stronger by providing luxury travel experiences that you can all share together.  The best part is…beer is the center of it all! Let’s work together to create a travel event that reinforces and exposes your brand to new members.

Food and Beer Bloggers

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You share your passion for pairings, cooking, baking, or craft beer through your blog, and share it with you fans regularly: why not live your passion in the Irish countryside, or on the beautiful Rhine, or in the Caribbean? Increase your exposure by serving as a Host for a group of your fans and followers. Together, we’ll reach your following and potential new fans, as your group’s travel is promoted online and in local markets. The hardest decision you’ll have to make is where to go!


Culinary-themed travel is wildly popular, with options ranging from walking tours of London, to Beer and Food Pairing tours of Belgium, to culinary instruction by skilled chefs on the open oceans. You no doubt have a local following: expand and deepen your reach by offering fans of your establishment the unique opportunity to travel with you! Think outside of the box- is there a regional cuisine you’d like to experience firsthand? Have you ever said to yourself, “I’d really like to go there someday…?” Someday can be today- simply contact us, and let’s get started.